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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Let me introduce myself:

I never thought that I, Zsa Zsa Zootenhorst would be creating a BLOG (what a funny name for a communication tool)! However, no matter one's age, one must keep up on the technological advances of the generation in which one lives. Having lived a long time (even though I am young--at heart) I have seen many technological advances in my day. Like television. I can still remember the first television we had when I was young. It was small, black and white, and had terrible reception, but we thought it was great. We children crowded around it, anxious to see "The Honeymooners," "I Love Lucy," and other great shows. Before TV we had to rely on radio. But there were some great shows for imaginative minds ("The shadow knows!") I can remember Tom Mix (a cowboy show), The Cinnamon Bear (a yearly Christmas special), Fibber McGee and Molly, and other wonderful fodder for young minds. And then there was the birthday party I attended when I was about 7 or 8. We were taken to the theater for a show. The star of the live presentation was Sally Rand, a fan dancer. I can remember seeing a lot of large ostrich feathers and a lot of leg. My mother was upset when she learned where we had gone, but I thought it was kind of boring.

But I am rambling. Back to technological advances. I remember having an infectious disease before penicillin, and I had to stay in bed to recover. It took a long time. I remember when airplanes (not jets) were new and my dad and I used to go out to the airport to watch them take off and land. I remember the Great War and the air raid sirens and black-outs. We didn't have radar then, so we had to black out our cities so the enemy couldn't see them (and we couldn't see them coming either. Thank goodness they never got around to bombing us here in the USA.) I remember ice boxes instead of refrigerators. I remember walking instead of taking the car everyplace. (We never did have a horse and buggy, however.) We had a big cookstove that ate coal and wood, but it kept us warm as well as cooked our food.

Well, anyhow, I have seen a lot of life. And I can say absolutely, even though I have lived in two centuries and two millenia, I am a 21st Century woman! I love our computers, our transportation, our computers, our communication systems, our computers, our medical advancements, and our computers! My vision is turned to the future. I love living now! I'm going to get right busy--as soon as I go take a nap.


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