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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Well I declare! I finally was able to publish my picture--well, it isn't a very good picture--on my blog. Of course, maybe I am better looking all blurry. But at least for today I have won the battle. It is always a battle between me and my computer. Somehow, this wonderful invention with the shiny face just wants to defeat me. It seems to say, "You must unlock all my wonderful features, but I will stop you if I can." Well! I just look the thing in the eye and say, "I will do my thing!" And now I have published my picture. I surely hope it doesn't scare anyone off, as I am sure I will have a lot to say over the next several years. As my children can testify, I always have a lot to say.


At 1:58 PM, Blogger Coach said...

That's a nice looking picture. I think you might look better in red, I don't know.

How nice to see that you didn't let that computer get the best of you!!!

I look forward to hearing more about Zootenhorst's zany adventures.

At 7:21 PM, Blogger Boss said...

Welcome to the blog world! We're glad you're here!


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