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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Say, I just read about how the Boss is sorting, packing, and saving all her valuables prior to moving. That is very interesting to me because we (Zephaniah, my one and only heart throb and I) have been sorting, packing, and saving all our valuable junk, I mean treasures, also. We are getting ready to remodel and renovate our abode. Just because we have lived here for over 30 years and really haven't done much in the way of upkeep--Ok, we did put on a new roof a couple of times, and we invested in some double-paned windows and stuff--but our kitchen is late 70's pure and simple. I am sick of the green sink. When I have to wash dishes I think that my face turns as pea-green as the dull ceramic finish of the sink. It was shiny once, but even though I scrubbed it and scrubbed it, I could never get the green off and it never turned white. Our yellow formica is so stained that it is hard to tell exactly what color it was originally. Anyhow, we have some major work to do in the kitchen. BUT--before we can do anything about that part of the kitchen, we have to look and see what is wrong with the floor. We know that it creaks and groans, and that it is very uneven. Could we have termites somewhere under the wooden expanse? There is only one way to find out. We will have to tear out the ceiling of the family room right under the kitchen. That way we can see the boards holding up the floor and see if there are any unwelcome critters in there. But, before we can remove the ceiling, we have to get all the furniture, etc. out of that room. And we have stored a LOT of stuff in that room. Before we can move all that furniture and the boxes etc. stored there, I feel that we need to sort, give away, and throw away all we can. What I don't understand is why the keeper boxes fill up so much faster than the throw away or give away boxes. Take yarn for example--that's right, yarn. Over the years I have started some projects with yarn, and sometimes I just bought yarn for a project but never got around to starting it. Then there is the fact that I inherited all the yarn my mother had collected. Her collection put mine to shame! I found skeins and skeins of varigated green yarn, varigated orange and brown yarn, and mottled unknown colors. I found baby yarn, finger yarn, sport yarn, worsted yarn, chunky yarn, heavy yarn, specialty yarn, fuzzy yarn, and most of it is out of style. Still, I can't throw it away, can I? If there is a depression I may need it to knit hats for my grandchildren. I finally got it all into one place. I devoted nearly a large closet just for yarn. I gave away four boxes--that's right four boxes--but it didn't even dent the total supply.

Well, you can see the problem. We are stuck in this pack-up mode so we can get on with the fix-it-up mode. And of course Zephaniah wants to do it all himself. Well, he is handsome and strong, but he does have white hair and doesn't move as fast as he used to. So, we may be ushering the next millenium in, still packing and sorting, getting ready to tear out the ceiling in the family room so we can examine the supports for the kitchen floor so we can tear up the kitchen floor so we can replace it, so we can replace the cupboards, counters, sink,--oh dear. I am getting so tired just thinking about it. I think I will take a nap. Oh, Boss, would you like to swap your irridecent green glass for some yarn?


At 8:33 PM, Blogger Boss said...

So what you're telling me is it never ends?! I don't think I can take it! :)

Best of luck on your projects! You're the busiest people we know!

At 7:36 AM, Blogger Coach said...

Dear Mrs. Z,

I'm delighted to hear about your remodeling aspirations. I do hope they come to fruition soon as I know you will be delighted with your new kitchen.

Have you had a professional give advice on the floor? I don't know what kinds of professionals there are for floors. Assuming you have termites, I know what kind, but I kind of don't think you do. I've never heard of termites around there! Our stairs here are very creaky and it's probably my main pet peeve about our current residence. I would like to be able to walk past my baby's room without him knowing I'm there--it tends to cause some occasionally fussing!

Thanks for your post, Mrs. Z.


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