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Monday, March 27, 2006

Here it is, Monday already! In fact Monday is mostly gone. But we have had a very fruitful week. We finally made it through all our stuff, once anyhow. We really need to go through it again because we still can't fit it all into our closets, cranneys, and storage areas. We nearly had to back the car out of the garage so we could store stuff in there. But my dear sweet Zephaniah drew the line there. It's still occasionally snowing and freezing here, and he doesn't want to scape the windows of the car.

What a wonderful feeling to have at least moved everything around, even if we didn't get rid of much. We now have a BIG open area in the family room. We just need to rip out the carpet on the kitchen side of the family room and we can start taking down the ceiling tiles. Zephi wanted to start today, but we couldn't because we are going to have company at any moment. My two brothers are coming to help me edit the fabulous journal we have been transcribing, and I don't think they would like to have a shower of mouse droppings. That's what I think we will find in the ceiling. We had the neatest little mouse trap when we were having trouble with the pesky little critters. Zephi was looking into a leak from the bathroom upstairs, and took a ceiling tile out of the bathroom downstairs. He didn't find the problem at first, so the ceiling tile did not get returned. Then, one day thereafter we found a drowned mouse in the toilet. I guess the little beasty had been cavorting along the ceiling tiles and didn't notice that one had been removed and that it was conveniently above the toilet. We just had to flush to dispose of him. We purposely left the ceiling tile out after that and drowned a few more of the little critters. The word must have gotten out in Mousetown because they stopped coming into our house just after this. We didn't miss them.

I am hosting a slumber party Friday night for my granddaughters, and expect it may last until Sunday night. I have sent for some leis and we are going to have a luah (however you spell it.) We won't have any grass skirts, but we may try the hula dance. I have a lot to sway and hope to get into the mood of things. The boys will join us on Saturday and we will play conference Bingo. Should be fun. I expect I will be sleep-deprived for several days after. Maybe I had better get tanked up on sleep in advance.

By the way, I wish Coach or Boss would fill me in on how to send comments. I am sure it is very easy, but I just haven't figured it out.

Ta Ta from Zsa Zsa


At 7:46 PM, Blogger Boss said...

I love the flushing mouse trap! If you have to have dead mice, that's the way to get rid of them! Enjoy your slumber party. That sounds like a lot of fun.

At 9:55 AM, Blogger Coach said...

Hey, Mrs. Z,
I've been waiting and waiting for more posts. Come on!

Also, I love you.


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